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02 Sep '15

Hammer of God Clones

Posted by Anthony Tran
Been getting a lot of messages and emails as of late about these colored HOG's (black, blue, red, etc.)  HOG v1 was only produced in silver, also serial number wise it was under 1000 units made.  So if you have any colored ones, it's a clone bro!  Save yourself the time and not email customer support to verify if it's authentic.
05 Apr '15

New Products

Posted by Anthony Tran
I've been working like a mad man these past few months on getting more products out.  In a few weeks, you'll see not 1, not 2, but maybe 3 new atty's.  Let the fun begin.
30 Dec '14

Zephyr Buddha 1.2 and Fat Buddha 1.3 decks issues

Posted by Anthony Tran

We regret to inform you that some of the square peek decks from Zephyr 1.2 and Fat buddha 1.3 have slipped our QC.  We are getting new decks made and will be shipping them out to all customers and retailers that are effected.  If you believe you are effected please send a picture of the deck to sales@vaperzcloud.com

We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for letting us fix this issue.



Anthony Tran


15 Nov '14

Fat Buddha Comp Cap

Posted by Anthony Tran in 26650, Comp Cap, Fat Buddha

We listened and now we are going to deliver!  Fat Buddha Comp Caps are coming.  ETA will be around the first week of Dec.

  • Made of Teflon
  • Initial Color Black
  • Comp Cap will not have AFC
  • Comp Cap has same aesthetics as original cap
  • 13.2mm bore (1/2 inch)


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