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Designer inserts for Pre-Release

Designer inserts for Pre-Release "VCP"

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These inserts will only fit the Pre-Release version of the VCP.

**Due to the nature of natural wood not all pieces will be identical and each will have its own unique characteristics**

Type of material and orgin below.


Ash - North America

Spruce - North America

Poplar - North America

Pink Ivory Wood - Africa (Exotic, Rare)

Tigre Caspi "Marblewood" - South Africa (Exotic, Rare)

Chakte Viga "Brazilwood" - South Africa (Exotic, Rare)

Cast Resin "Allumilite"

Hybrid Figured Ambrosia - North America (Exotic)

Kauri "Olivewood" - Australia (Exotci, Rare)

Spalted Ambrosia Figured - North America

Kentucky Burl Figured - North America (Exotic)