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Simply E-juice - 60ml bottles

Simply E-juice - 60ml bottles

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Tenacious Toast- Sweet cream, a dash of bakery cinnamon, light pastry notes and a splash of sweet maple syrup blended together to create Tenacious Toast, which can only be described as the most accurate French Toast e-liquid to date.
Bodacious Blueberry- Mix a handful of ripe blueberries with a splash of blue raspberry, add a bit of sour for extra kick, and Bodacious Blueberry is born.
Contagious Cafe- Based on the most famous traditional dessert of Northern Italy, Tiramisu. Contagious Cafe blends a pinch of rich cocoa, dark roasted espresso, a splash of amaretto, light ladyfingers and a sweet, creamy mascarpone cheese.
Copious Crunch- The ultimate fruity breakfast cereal blend, Copious Crunch will remind you of the old days of Saturday morning cereal, complete with milk.
Envious Elvis- So delicious it will make your lip curl, Envious Elvis is, you guessed it, a blend of smooth, creamy peanut butter and sweet, ripe bananas, resulting in an e-liquid fit for The King himself.
Luscious Lemonade- Sharp, tangy lemons blended with ripe strawberries and the perfect amount of sweetness, Luscious Lemonade is an ultra-refreshing lemonade e-liquid.
Glorious Grape- Grape candy you’ll remember from your youth, blended with a secret mix of other treats, culminate in a surprisingly complex Glorious Grape e-liquid.
Mysterious Medley- Mysterious Medley, the newest flavor from Simply E-juice, blends a mixed berry taffy with a few mysterious, secret ingredients to create a sweet, tangy, chewy taffy blend that will make your mouth water while it keeps you guessing what’s in it.
Prestigious Pineapple- Simple, clean and delicious, Prestigious Pineapple is the most true-to-life pineapple sweet tart e-liquid the vape world has ever seen.
Serious Sherbet- Straight from your freezer and into your atty, Serious Sherbet delivers a blend of frozen fruity goodness! With hints Strawberry, lemon, lime, and orange this vape is a fruit lover's dream come true!