The original Hammer of God was a first of its kind device that revolutionized the way many saw how mechanical mods could be used. It was the the first of a series of mods that came under the name and has been known as ‘the god mod”, ”the hammer”, or simply the ”HOG”. Since 2015, it still marks as one of the hardest hitting mods Vaperz Cloud has ever done. Until now. We are pleased to bring you the first parallel box mod we have done since the original Hammer of God over 3 years ago:

The StormBreaker.

The StormBreaker is here to shake things up and kick off the start off something new, special, and revolutionary for us. Bringing the full safety that comes with a parallel circuit box mod with the hard hitting and low voltage drop kick of power that the VC Tech Switch brings to all our newest mechanical mods, it is sure to give you the vape you have been looking for! With its ergonomic curves and bottom loading door, it fits three 21700 batteries into a slim line compact space which deceives the eyes as it fits the hand perfectly yet looks robust and sturdy on its own. Its dynamic size and shape make it look good with any atomizer on top, accepting up to 38mm with no overhang. It is surely to put a smile on your face as you get the full power your batteries and your coils can throw at you. Grab yourself a StormBreaker today!



Light weight aluminum body

Accepts up to THREE 21700 batteries

Bottom loading latch door

Fully silver plated copper contacts and internals

VC Tech Switch for optimal voltage drop

O-Ring to help prevent liquid inside 510

**Bottom Contacts manually adjusted by lifting tabs to accomodate height for different 21700 batteries**


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