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Cloud Science by Teleos

Cloud Science by Teleos

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Cloud Science Bottles are 30ml

AlphaThe flavor of Alpha is a masterful composition of multiple different ingredients. Teleos took a handful of berries and combined them with a culinary mélange of sugars and created what we like to describe as a strawberry-infused spun sugar.

Beta - Up front you'll notice a strong fruit flavor, and on the exhale something slightly creamy. Internally, we call the flavor of Beta a Pomegranate Bubblegum, but there's no bubblegum to be found. That's simply the mysterious result of the flavors found within.

Gamma - The juiciness of mango is paired with the sweetness guava. The flavors are tempered with the familiar smoothness of peaches and cream. Careful experimentation makes sure that none of these flavors completely outshine the other.

DeltaThe flavor of Delta is best described as a cobbler filling. We take richness of blueberry and acai and cut it with nectarines. We sweeten it up, reduce it, and what's left is the perfect filling.

PROTIP: Mix Delta with Beta for a delicious new flavor. Experiment with ratios, but we're partial to 50/50. The same goes for Alpha and Delta!