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VC Build Kit

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Tired of losing your tools? Friends taking your pliers? Looking for the ultimate on-the-go builders case? Look no further! Build like a pro from now on with the VC Build Kit!



- Embroidered travel case

- High grade wire cutters

- Ceramic tweezers

- Drill bit handle with supporting attachments

- 1.3mm/1.5mm Hex bits

- 1.5mm/2.0mmPhillips bits/Flathead bits

- Needle-nose pliers

- Collapsible scissors

- Coil jig with attachments for 1.5mm-4mm coils (in .5mm increments)

- Ceramic rods for 2.5-5mm diameter coils (in .5mm increments)

- Magnetic Pad

- Empty slot for USA Ohm Reader


***Famous Social Media builder not included***


WARNING: Please be carful with ceramic materials. Ceramic is a fragile material. Handle with care.